All Tickets are $10 to this show. And Available on a First come First serve bases day of show. (Note: Each Actor and Musician gets 4 tickets.) 


1) I missed the Audition Date.  Can I still be in the show.  YES.  However, you might not have the biggest part. 

2) What if I DON'T want a speaking part.  THAT'S FINE.  We get it...being on stage is scary.  Who needs the added pressure of memorizing lines!?!  Just talk to Jojo at Auditions. 

3) What happens if 100 kids show up for Auditions.  Will I still get a part?  YES!  If this happens, I simply add more casts.  Unlike other theatres who have HUGE ensembles, I try and give every one a "big part" in at least ONE cast, and then ask them to be in the ENSEMBLE of another cast.  Your kids learn a valuable lesson in helping and supporting one another. 

4) Is the SUNDAY cast "the best cast"? NO. I place kids in casts based on their availability.  Period.  Each cast is Unique and Fabulous. 

​5) I have Soccer practice on Mondays and Fridays, Can I still be in the show?  YES! At auditions you will fill out a form with any and all conflicts.  YOU can pick which Cast you want to be in.  Each Cast ONLY rehearses Once a Week (or the Sunday Cast is every OTHER Sunday).  THIS IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM OTHER THEATRE SCHOOLS WHICH ASK YOU TO COMMIT MANY DAYS A WEEK.

6) I'm going on vacation.  Can I still be in the show.  YES.  I get it...everyone is busy and you can't make every rehearsal.  But set up a play date for your kids to learn some choreography! We do most of our choreography at THREE Sunday Rehearsals.  So please try and make them!  

​7) What if I get sick and can't make the show?  The beauty of having multiple casts, is there is always someone to fill in.  But drink some tea and stay healthy! 

TECH is January 31st 4-7pm

ALL REHEARSALS Will be at the HeyJojo Rehearsal Space. 

​742 Genevieve St. Suite F, Solana Beach CA 92075

All SHOWS will be at 742 Genevieve Suite E (Next to Heyjojo at Golo "Black Box"-ing Gym) 


Blue Cast:

Friday February 1st 4:30

Saturday February 2nd 2pm

Yellow Cast:

Friday, February 1st at 6:30pm

Saturday, February 2nd at 6pm

Cast Fee: $300.00

HeyJojo Productions

Located in Beautiful Solana Beach, CA

This show will have a LIVE BAND thru Rockcadmy.