Parents (and First Timers): 

Please note: All Cast fees are due at the time of auditions.

*We plan MULTIPLE Casts.  Each Cast rehearses ONCE a WEEK. So please know your Actors schedule.  If they are flexible, it helps us in casting the best role possible.  If they are NOT flexible, we are limited in the best possible casting.  

*We also try to create carpools and keep friends together.  But again, it limits us in casting.  

*Refunds etc: We do NOT offer a refund because your actor is not happy with their role. All refund requests get submitted to our Board to review and discussed on a case by case bases.  

Your Cast fees cover: Script, t-shirt, major costume pieces, instruction and 2 shows (matinee and an evening performance.)  

Please note: We work very hard to give everyone a chance at those "leads" and are very fair.  The more your actor participates and helps at the studio...the more we notice.  If they are a goofball and distracting...we notice that too. :) That said: Accidents (and A Pandemic) can happen. If your actor gets sick, relocated, or some other unimanageable excuse...we will offer a refund.  But note: Just because you book a vacation and you can't make the show...please value the time spent, t-shirts ordered, scripts ordered/printed and all of the work Heyjojo has put into at the production -- and then your actor quit.  After 4 weeks, we do not offer any refunds.  

Cast Fees Aladdin


Aladdin Shows planned for June 23rd-27th, 2021


                 A Totally Awesome Kids Theatre

Cast DAYS: 

Sundays: Morning 11-12:30 (Agrabah Cast)

Sundays Afternoon 2:30-4pm (Friends Like Me Cast)

Mondays: 4:30-6pm (Jasmine's Cast)

Tuesdays: 4:30-6pm (Cave of Wonders Cast)

Wednesdays 4:30-6pm (One Jump Cast)

Auditions are April 11th, 2021 1-4pm (no reservations required!)

At auditions Actors will be asked:

​To Introduce themselves

To sing a song of their choice a cappella

​Participate in a Cold Reading. 


We do offer scholarships to those who qualify.  But to qualify, you need to share your Tax returns and all need to be submitted to our Board.  However, we have a partnership with other local charities such as Casa D'Amistad.  If you participate in that program, please discuss with their program director.  You will be asked to pay a small fee to cover scripts, t-shirts etc.  And we also ask for Parents and Children to Volunteer hours during our show weekends.