HeyJojo Productions

Located in Beautiful Solana Beach, CA

The following is a list of needs and costs.  You can always customize your donation at the bottom of the page too.  Just so you are all aware.  My late Brother, Eric Dodson, worked for a wonderful company called SEAS in San Marcos.  They have graciously donated to our theatre for EVERY SHOW our lights and sound. I told them, while I'm grateful, I hope someday to afford my own "on the road" package so I don't need to borrow items from them.  Since I OWN our wireless mics, the easiest items to purchase first are a sound board and speakers. So that is my plan.  

Bytheway, Lights are EXPENSIVE!  Who knew!?!  I have two theatre lights, but I don't have a light board.  I literally can only keep them on the entire time or off.  I had a parent offer to fix the lights at the RSF Community Center should we want to continue renting this space.  For now....I personally feel its the best stage we can rent with the least amount of conflicts, and the closest proximity to our studio. (Please note: all schools in our area will not allow us to have shows on weekends.  Which is kinda what we need.)  I can keep getting lights for free...but might just need to repair the RSF lights (and get a discount! for our next show!)  But I want you to understand our theatres needs. 

Scholarships: I can accept money for scholarships as well as one of our giving partners: Casa de Amistad. Their website is: www.casadeamistad.org/donate And mention funds to go to pay for a Scholarship to Heyjojo Productions. Just note: $150 offers a student to be in our Vocal Master Classes; $300 offers a student to be in a show. $250 puts a child in summer camp. 

Our Needs: 

Sound Board: Cost $650
Speakers: $250 each (need 3)
Speaker stands: $150 (need 2) 

Microphones: $100 per child (requesting 10...so $1,000) 

Lights: $100-$500 (need 10 -- and they vary in price) 
Projection system: $250-$500
Light board: $1000

Don't know where to Donate?  Participate in our SPONSORSHIP LEVELS: Each level will be printed in our programs for our Main Stage and Black Box Shows.  (Current 4 a year).  We'd like all Families to participate.  Please give where you can.

GOLD LEVEL: $1000.00


BRONZE LEVEL:  $250.00

FAMILY LEVEL: $100.00 

Other Donation needs: 

Rights for shows: $500-$1000 for rights

Rental of stages: $2,000 

​Uhaul during shows: $300.00

Costume budget: $500.00

Props budget: $200.00 

Clothing!  We also need: 

Boys Black pants

White Button down shirts

Old suits (and really ugly ties)

women's power suits 

Old "fancy dresses" that your kids grow out of

Dance shoes that no longer fit your child!  

Please avoid: Anything with a LOGO on it. 

​And because our next show is Sound of Music....look for choir robes! 

Thank you for checking our "Donation Page"