Practical Art Class: Here's where you help our Art Director in residence Ms. Trina Paint sets.  Learn how to paint brinks, or stones, trees, and other large backdrops.  Its fun and Relaxing too. $35 Materials Fee for 6 weeks. 

Improv Fall 2020: $85.00


Improv Class: 6 week session.  

Dates: Sundays: 10/11; 10/18  No class on 10/25; 11/1 (FYI -- Improv: show date); 11/8; 11/15; 11/22 

Cost: $85

Art Class/OR Craft Class: $35.00 Materials Fees


7pm Jojo's Writing Class -- FREE! 

This is a small one hour "Writing Club" where Jojo helps them write ORIGINAL WORKS.  (They can be plays or movies).  We are currently shooting our FIRST ALL ORIGINAL Production written by a student.  We are also preparing a Staged Readings of some other works that are close to being produced.  This is a VIRTUAL Experience. And its FREE. 

Would you like to take a VOCAL CLASS? Private, Semi Private or Group setting...we have them all.  Please email Jojo for upcoming sessions.  We will be having a SHORT 3 class session to get ready for our upcoming My Favorite Cabaret. This is will be AFTER THANKSGIVING. 

Due to LOW ATTENDANCE: We are re-structuring Heyjojo Plus. If this angers you.  Please let us know.  If more families HAD signed up for the ONE LOW PRICE ...we could continue.  But our numbers were not there.  So we are NOW...making this a STRAIGHT Class for 6 weeks or 4 weeks.  Please see our offerings: We know Heyjojo Plus was an amazing deal.  So please tell other families to join and we will return to that structure. 


Crafting and Prop Making.  Jojo teaches this at the studio and we make props for our shows, or items for the studio or your home.  She is ONLY charging a Materials Fee to for any materials we might need/use for Crafts! Cost $35 for 6 weeks. Tuesday 10/13; (Switch to Thursdays) 10/22; 10/29; 11/5; 11/12; 11/19. 

Would you like to learn more about Stage Crew, Garage Band, Composing your own musical?  Email Jojo to discuss working with our Musical Director Paul.  We currently have a student composing an Original song and score for "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" and its been an incredible experience watching her grow in this new field of Musical Theatre. 



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