4-4:50pm Garage Band

Instructor: Paul

​Ages: 11-18 (6th grade and older)

Our Musical Director Paul will work with students on how to create beats and music using the garage band app.  

​5-5:50pm An Actors Workshop

Instructor: Charlotte

Ages: 11 and Older

Charlotte helps actors on preparing for a variety of roles.  She will also discuss audition techniques guided for the teen actor. 

6-6:50pm Readers Theatre!

Instructor: Charlotte

Ages 11 and Older

Actors will rehearse and PERFORM a Radio Stage Play for a Virtual Performance. Show TBD. 

4-4:50pm Intro to Song Writing

Instructor: Paul

Ages: 8-18

Paul will guide young songwriters on how to develop their material and work with other partners.  Maybe you like to write music, or just have lyrics you want to develop with a musician. Everyone is encouraged to meet here and learn how to break down a song and begin writing. 

5-6:30pm My Favorite Scenes "Rehearsal"

Instructor: Carlos

Ages (Must be going into 6th Grade in the fall or older)

This is a CAMP offered within our Heyjojo Plus Lineup.  This Camp will RUN all summer at this time.  We are starting to meet VIRTUALLY AND IN PERSON.  If you just want to be ensemble, keep on Heyjojo Plus.  Show date is Friday August 21st. 

What is Heyjojo Plus?:  This is a subscription based system that offers VIRTUAL Heyjojo Classes for one low cost monthly fee.  You can try it for one month and stop, or continue it and try new classes.  You can take an UNLIMITED amount of classes in one month.  (Always wanted to try a vocal class?  Try it without committing to an entire session.  How about watch the acting class…come and join us.)  The possibilities are endless. 


4-4:30pm Meditation with Paul (Focusing on the breath for vocalists)

Instructor: Paul

Ages: ALL

​Take a BREAK.  Turn off background noise and learn to focus on your breath.  Paul will walk you through breathing exercises which is very helpful techniques for vocalists. 

5-5:50pm Basic Tap Dance

Instructor: Miss Karina

Ages All

Tap shoes NOT required but suggested!  Learn basics of tap to put to an easy routine. Kids and parents suggested to take it together.  This class will make you COMFORTABLE to learn some basic steps to start off your tap attitude. 

6-6:50pm  Vocal Class w/Ms. Susan

Instructor: Susan

Ages 8-18

Susan has been our resident Vocal Coach for the past two years.  She will help students find their range and pick songs that fit their vocal range and style. 


4-4:50pm Advanced Song Performance

Instructor: Paul

Ages: 12-18

Have a song or number you are having trouble with?  Learn advanced techniques to get your over that hurdle. Paul will give practice lessons to help the Musical Theatre performer. 

5-5:50pm Art Class w/Ms. Trina

Instructor: Trina

Ages: ALL! 

A variety of acrylic painting classes are offered with each class completing a finished design in one hour! 

6pm-6:50pm Musical Theatre Dance

Instructor: Miss Karina

Ages: All

Learn new basic steps to add to a routine all within one hour.  Kids and parents encouraged to take this class together.  Get off the couch and move! 

7-7:50pm Writing the 10 minute play or screenplay
Instructor: Jojo
Ages: 10 and up
Learn story structure and formatting for a variety of writing projects. Learn to elevate your story into a better storytelling experience.


Are you an instructor with a unique skill?  Let us KNOW.  We are hiring. 


The Month of June was our Trial Session:  We had been offering FREE “extras” during our quarantine.  We’ve had an amazing response and many parents have said “I’d pay for that class”.  Thus we are offering our trial for the low low price of $100.  Donate on our link: and you will get your official Heyjojo Login to our Zoom Sessions.  We are TRYING out a whole host of different classes AND Instructors AND experiences….We’d love your feedback.  We are trying to balance classes for both younger actors (k-5th grade) and older Teen Actors (6th-12 grade).  Students do not even need to live in California!  Got a cousin?  Yep…cousins can take classes online together too.  Its all available online using the Zoom app. 


Classes for the month of AUGUST

​4-5:30pm My Favorite Scenes

Instructor: Carlos

Ages: (Must be going into 6th grade and older)

This is a CAMP offered within our Heyjojo Plus Lineup.  This Camp will RUN all summer at this time.  We are starting to meet VIRTUALLY AND IN PERSON.  If you just want to be ensemble, keep on Heyjojo Plus.  If you Paid early for camp -- you are a virtual the entire summer. 

Heyjojo PLUS Subscription August: 





                 A Totally Awesome Kids Theatre

2-2:50pm Intro to Costume Design

Instructor: Jared

Ages: 10 and up

Learn the basics of Costume Design from recent UCLA Theatre Major (with a Focus on Costume Design) Jared Davis.  Jared is going to walk you through approaching tons of different shows.  Its NOT about sewing, its about sourcing and designing and working as a team of creative people.  Perfect Class for those who want to help at future shows too. 

3-3:50pm Editing and Filmmaking using iMovie and other similar APPS. 

Instructor: Jojo

Ages 10-18

​Like Garage Band...APPS are all the rage.  What make a good video.  Editing.  Let Jojo give you notes and guidance to get your projects ticToc and YouTube worthy.   

4-4:50pm Valerie's Make Up Tips for Stage and Life
Instructor: Valerie
Ages: 12 and up
Valerie will give you tips on both stage make up and regular make up.  She will cover "how to cover that zit" too. Super fun instructor, recent grad of NYC Film and TV Academy (Also has starred in productions that Jojo has directed!) 

5-6:15pm Improv Games Intro to Sketch Comedy
Instructor: Jojo
Ages 7th grade and older (12 and up)
VIRTUAL AND IN PERSON.  We will play Improv Games to ready ourselves for a Battle against another Acting Studio.... Star Rep in Escondido. Locations: Jojo's Yard and ONLINE.