My Favorite Cabaret

All Camps WINTER Camps will run the following dates: 

12/23, 12/24, 12/26, 12/27, 12/30, 12/31, 1/2, 1/3

Winter Camp Fees for Sleeping Beauty:


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"How To Audition Workshop: School of Rock"
Wednesday, December 11th 4pm-6pm
Cost: $25​

Jojo's ever popular prep course for Auditions.  This class will help actors pick appropriate songs for the audition as well as present material that will be read during the audition. We will also go through the story and discuss characters of the show, as well as learn what the director is looking for at auditions. 

HeyJojo Productions

Located in Beautiful Solana Beach, CA

Over winter we will also run Winter rehearsals for "School of Rock" -- Not mandatory....but suggested.  Noon-4pm  Which should encourage them to audition for that fun show! 

Sleeping Beauty: Designed for both older and Younger actors. 10am-Noon Daily Show at NOON on 1/5 (Or Friday 1/3). 

Winter Camp Fees for My Favorite Cabaret: 


Mamma Mia and Moana

Auditions: Early March

Show Dates: TBD

School of Rock Cast Fees


My Favorite Cabaret: This popular Summer Heyjojo camp is going intimate.  Your kids CHOOSE their songs and performance for a Cabaret show at a local Restaurant.  Super fun...and keeps your kids busy over the holidays.  Must be in 6th grade or older to participate. Rehearsals on days listed above 4-6pm.  Show planned for 6pm on 1/5 at James Place in La Jolla. (Max size is will sell out!) 

How to Audition: "School of Rock"


School of Rock

Auditions: December 15th 11am-3pm and Wednesday, December 18th

​Please Sign up for an Audition Time:

Rehearsals will be held during Winter School Break (not mandatory, but suggested)

​Musical Direction: Paul McGlinchey

Show dates: Feb. 28- March 1st

At Rancho Santa Fe Community Center