Suggested Donation: $10.00 per ticket

ALL SHOWS Will have 50 seats roped off for those who make a DONATION to Heyjojo Productions.  Our DONOR SEATING is a suggestion of only $10 to sit in our "DONOR seating". We will take any and all donation for this section.  I will print a list at 10am each morning of all donors for the shows. Please note: Renting R. Roger School is a WONDEFUL venue with professional lighting and sound, but those luxuries come at a cost.  I also learned we can NOT charge admission, which will leave us at an enormous SHORTFALL at our Boxoffice.  Since we booked R. Roger Rowe AFTER our auditions, I'm requesting that ALL FAMILIES please follow our request to "donate" for ticket costs to your kids shows.  If people/guests do not pay, we will need to charge higher fees in the future to cover these costs.  I've always maintained our "costs are low" because that $10 fee I have collected has allowed us to operate.  AND still will cover our costs, if I can sell 50 tickets per show we SHOULD be able to cover our costs of this professional rental.  But our venue can seat 200!  And we want FULL audiences...and more kids, families etc to see our shows.  We just want our families to, please consider donating for tickets so we do NOT need to raise rates for ALL of our Actors and families. I will also ask this at every show.  If each family purchases 4 tickets, we will be covered.  So please consider donating at least $40 toward tickets.  Thank you! 

HeyJojo Productions

Located in Beautiful Solana Beach, CA

Sound of Music Shows: 

Performances December 6th-8th
R. Roger Rowe Performing Arts Center
5927 La Granada Av. Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

Show Dates:
Pretzel Cast: Friday 12/6 at 4pm and Saturday 12/7 at 6pm
Lederhosen Cast: Friday 12/6 at 6pm and Sunday 12/8 at Noon

Von Trapp Cast Saturday 12/7 at Noon and Sunday 12/8 at 5:30pm
Austrian Alps Cast Saturday 12/7 at 3pm and Sunday at 3pm