We are WELL BELOW our FUNdraising Goals for 2020.  Our industry was hit especially HARD in 2020 with Theatres across the country not open yet for business.  Here at Heyjojo, we re-invented the model.  We went Virtual on DAY ONE, then we filmed a play, we performed Drive-In Summer Camp Theatre, and we even built an OUTDOOR stage.  We have held Online Proms, Virtual Chit Chats, and really bonded as a community here in 2020.  But we need your support.  Beyond signing up for classes and shows, we'd ask our families to give at a Sponsorship Level which helps keep our doors open for our kids to thrive.  We are a true "Community Theater"...we work together to give our kids "something" to do that is safe, fun, and supportive.  We also offer scholarships (through Casa D'Amistad), and we do a number of community events (once we can do community events!). As this year comes to an end, we hope you choose to sponsor and support Heyjojo Productions.  Thank you! 

A Huge THANK YOU to all Sponsors for your continued support.  It takes a village to create a show and we would not be here without your generosity

Thank you for checking our "Sponsorship Page"

Participate in our SPONSORSHIP LEVELS: Each level will be printed in our programs for our Main Stage and Black Box Shows.  (Current 4 a year).  We'd like all Families to participate.  Please give where you can.

GOLD LEVEL: $1000.00


BRONZE LEVEL:  $250.00

FAMILY LEVEL: $100.00 


                 A Totally Awesome Kids Theatre

The following is a list of needs and costs.  You can always customize ways to give back.  In Fall (2019) with your sponsorships we purchased our Sound Board, stands, and speakers. This is amazing progress. We also appreciate your TIME, and volunteering. 

Show Costs: 

Generator: Marion Dodson (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)

THEATRE RENTAL: The Kahn Family (Sound of Music)


THEATRE RENTAL: Marion Dodson (School of Rock)

​Show Costumes - The Malmberg Family (Sound of Music)
Show Costumes - Brenda Jimenez (The Outsiders)

Show Costumes - Brenda Jimenez (School of Rock)

ALADDIN COSTS: Consider Sponsoring to offset our costs: 

$700 For Printing Show Programs 

$1,500 for a Generator 

$5,000 For the Light Rental

$2,000 For the Projection Back/drop sets

$1500 for a Stage

$3000 toward Labor            

$5,000 toward our Rental

$1000 toward extra mic rentals and larger sound board

$3000 toward the purchase of a new light board (we keep "borrowing" a board...and he wants to sell it to us.  This is a bargain!) 

$5,000 toward Staff of Professionals

$2000 toward Professional Photography

$1500 toward Video Equipment (to record actors to submit for awards!) 

​This totals: $31,200 -- Again...your Cast fees do NOT cover all show costs! 

Here is a List of our 2019/2020 Sponsors: 

​GOLD LEVEL: $1000.00

The Carstairs Family (2019 and 2020 Donors)

The Barnard Family (2019 and 2020 Donors)

The Kahn Family (2019 Donors)

The Shahabe Family

The Kim Family (2021 Donors)


The Schneider Family (2020)

The Winslow Family (2019, 2020)

The Eghatari Family (2019, 2020 and 2021)

The Holder Family (2019 and 2020 Donors)

The Kahn Family (2020 Donors)

​The Tiefenbrunn Family (2020 Donors)

​Anonymous ($500.00 Christmas 2020 Donation)

The Malmberg Family

Holly Smith Jones (2019 and 2020 Donor)

The Monahan Family

The Gupta Family (2021)


The Tu Family (2020 Donors)

The Esquenazi Family (2020 Donors)

The Gaffein Family (2020 Donors)

The Maurer Family

Mireille Boisse

The Mascorro Family

The Carmichael Family

​The Bluestein Family


The Gupta Family (2019 and 2020 Donors)

The Godinez Family (2020 and 2021 Donors)

Shannon and Scott Peck (2020 Donors)

The Casavan Family (2020 Donors)

​The Grunvald Family (2020 Donors) 

The Kousser Family

The MacDougall Family

The Lindeman Family (2019, 2020 and 2021 Donors)

Mary Marun. (2019, 2020 and 2021 Donor)

The McMahon Family 

The Magnaghi Family

The Roller Family

The Gorton Family (2019 and 2020)

​The Casavan Family (2019 and 2020)

Katrina Dodson

The Cheeseman Family (2019 and 2020)

​Mimi Allen

​The Blake Family