Prepare for your audition by taking our "How to Audition Workshop".  This 2-hr class is taught by the Director and you will learn what she is looking for in each role.  What happens at the audition, song choice, learn the you with a cold reading!  She will also provide you with the audition sides which gives you a head start at auditions.  This is a LIMITED class to 25 students.  Sign up TODAY.  Class Date: Wednesday, March 4th from 4-6pm. 

If your interested in any of our shows...please join our mailing list!  

Refund Policy: Please NOTE we are a NON-Profit Organization.

We will refund fees due to hard ship, illness, and other discrepancies that pop up. BUT...Week 1 we will keep 10% of fees (to cover the fact we printed scripts and order tshirts based on their audition.)  Week 2 We will refund 30% and week 3 we will refund only 50%. After 3 weeks will not refund monies. 

As I state always, we will not refund monies if your kid is unhappy with a role.  It is a bad habit for them to get into and we are VERY fair in our theatre and truly strive to create well balanced casts and give chances to MANY underdogs. (If you want/need testimonies...I can provide those.)  But if its your first show and you quit...that's not really putting in the work.  So please have your kids show us their commitment and we will work with them.  It is our goal for them all to lead a cast when the right opportunity arises for them. 

ALSO -- all Families must commit to 10 HOURS for Volunteer work (for Main Stage Shows) and provide at least ONE SNACK for 20 and ONE MEAL for 20 during the duration of each production. 

"Emma" Cast Fees $300.00

EMMA By Michael Bloom will be our Spring PLAY (aka non Musical) 

Auditions: We're February 23rd.  However, if you are a MALE.  I can still add you to a cast.  Last date to join is: 3/22. 

​Shows Planned for May 15-17th in the Black "Boxing" Box. 

Mamma Mia Cast Fees: 


Mamma Mia

Auditions: SUNDAY, March 8th from 11-3pm

Show Dates: June 13th-16th

Mamma Mia How to Audition Class Fee:



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