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Auditions: sunday MARCH 10TH - 10AM-6PM
production dateS: June 6th - June 21st, 2024

If you are inquiring for a "non paying adult" role,  Please reach out using our contact page and explain your interest and reasons for applying so we can send the appropriate medical release forms.

If you are applying for a scholarship


These are limited to a percentage of each production/camp. 


We ask the participant to write a letter answering the following questions. 

1) What inspires you to want to perform in our production? 

2) We are a Community Theater, and as such, we ask that you participate in Community Events, beyond our theater.  Have you done any community events in the past (Girl Scouts, Pick up trash, helped homeless etc?) If not, are you willing to serve extra Community Service hours to fulfill a balance toward your scholarship? Yes/No and explain why. (Note: We understand work commitments.)

3) Are you willing to or have a skill to help our theater?  Can you  sew, craft, work our box office, Work Costuming during Dress rehearsal and shows, Work Hair and make up During Dress rehearsal and shows?  We expect our scholarship parents to sign up for more than 2 assignments.  And we need for you to agree for those duties which shows a commitment to community service. Yes: I can Commit or No: I have work and am unable. 

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